Listen Again, September 9th 2017

Listen again to this week’s edition of ‘Europe’s Heartbeat‘, with music from Benny Andersson, Magnus Carlsson, Krista Siegfrids, Jari Karjalainen, Maian, Ilf Sturesson, Dougie MacLean, Elisa Lindstrom, Per Hakans, Coez, Kitty In A Casket, and Jon Henrik Fjallgren.

The next edition of ‘Europe’s Heartbeat‘ will debut on Radio Six International at 1200 GMT on Saturday 16th September, 2017 before going into worldwide syndication.

Listen To Our Eurovision 2017 Previews

Europe’s Heartbeat previewed the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest over a number of weeks, showcasing the artists and songs who would perform at Kyiv, as well as some of those who just failed to qualify.  Listen again to our six previews of Ukraine 2017.

Eurovision On Europe’s Heartbeat

Episode 1 features music from Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, The Netherlands, Serbia, and Ukraine.

Episode 2 features music from Albania, Denmark, Greece, Malta, Slovenia, and Sweden.

Episode 3 features music from Cyprus, Finland, Georgia, Lithuania, and Spain.

Episode 4 features music from Austria, Belarus, Estonia, France, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia.

Episode 5 features music from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Switzerland and San Marino (…and, er, Russia).

Episode 6 features music from Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Montenegro, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.