Listen Again To Our Review Of The Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Listen again to this week’s edition of ‘Europe’s Heartbeat’ as we look at the story of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020.

With music from Duncan Laurence, Twosome, The Roop, Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, Erika Vikman, Lesley Roy, Anna Bergendahl, The Mamas, Victoria, Jeangu Macrooy, Diodato, Dadi Freyr, My Marianne & Will Ferrell, and Valentina.

That’s it for the  ‘Europe’s Heartbeat‘ holiday shows. We’re back into our regular mix of new releases and chart hits next week. Tune in to  Radio Six International at 1100 GMT on Saturday 16th January to catch the premiere, and then check local listings for details as the show goes into worldwide syndication.

Eurovision Song Contest 2020: Juke Box Jury Episode 8

Just five songs left from the Eurovision Song Contest’s 2020 entrants to face the judges. We still have the hits, misses, and maybes waiting… even if we’re not heading to Rotterdam as JBJ’s eighth show comes to a close.

In the eighth episode, Rob Holley and Matthew Ker join Ewan Spence to judge msuic from Ben & Tan (Denmark), Samanta Tina (Latvia), Ana Soklič (Slovenia), Diodato (Italy), and Daði Freyr (Iceland).

An ESC Insight production for Europe’s Heartbeat.