Europe’s Heartbeat: Eurovision 2021 Preview, episode 6

Listen again to this week’s edition of ‘Europe’s Heartbeat‘ as Ewan Spence continues our preview of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with music from the artists, a look back at the 2020 entries, and some Song Contest classics.

This week we have music from Destiny, Elena Tsagrinou, Eleni Fouriera, Teach In, Lenny Kuhr, Sennek, Hooverphonic, Ben & Tan, Fyr & Flamme, Blas Canto, and Senhit ft. Rida.

Eurovision Song Contest 2020: Juke Box Jury Episode 5

We’re past the half way mark of Juke Box Jury’s exploration of the 2020 songs. This week we have an episode recorded after the cancellation, but if you think that’s going to change our hits, misses, or maybes… think again.

In the fifth episode, Rob Holley and Matthew Ker join Ewan Spence to listen to Tom Leeb (France), Aksel (Finland), James Newman (The United Kingdom), Benny Cristo (Czech Republic), and Destiny (Malta).

An ESC Insight production for Europe’s Heartbeat.