Station List

“Europe’s Heartbeat” can be heard on the following stations. Click the station name to jump directly to their broadcast times. All details are subject to change, check local listings for up to date times.

Broadcast Times

Not all broadcast times are available, please check individual station listings for details.

Radio Six International (

  • Saturdays at 2200 GMT – Premiere
  • Mondays at 0600 GMT

New Zealand’s World FM (88.2 MHz in Tawa, Redwood, and Marahau; 107.6MHz in Stoke; New Zealand).

  • Mondays at 0600 GMT (1800 local time)

Castlepoint FM (

  • T.b.c.

Crystal FM ( 107.4 FM in Penicuik and South Midlothian, UK.

  • T.b.c.

Gateway 97.8 ( 97.8 FM in Basildon and East Thurrock, UK.

  • T.b.c.

Radioactive Radio (

  • T.b.c.

Run FM (Run FM Radio)

  • T.b.c.