Eurovision Song Contest 2020: Juke Box Jury Championship Semi Final 1

Every other year, Juke Box Jury previews the songs before the ESC Insight team head to the Press Centre to bring you the daily news from backstage at the Eurovision Song Contest, as TV and radio audiences around the world voted for their winner.

As we all know, that’s not going to happen in Rotterdam in 2020.

So how do we bring this year’s story to a conclusion here on ESC Insight? Welcome to the ‘post-season’ of Juke Box Jury and the first Championship edition. With eight winners from previous shows, this week we’ll have two Semi Finals of four song (debuting Monday 11th and Wednesday 13th of May), with the top two from each qualifying for the Grand Final on Friday 15th May.

It’s not about who would have won the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s about which song is our favourite. Let the competition begin!

In the first Semi Final, Ross Middleton and Matthew Ker join Ewan Spence to judge the entries from Armenia, Iceland, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria

An ESC Insight production for Europe’s Heartbeat.

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